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Thursday, June 12, 2003
It isn't that Janet and Andrea are bad friends, sometimes just hard to work with. I know that they will be my friends forever, I just wish I had more things in common with them.

I do belive that when I made this site I called it a "music site." That is not entirely true as you may see when reading it.I tell about other things like my pets and friends.

In January I got some new guinea pigs. Ever since then we have been trying out different varieties of cages for them. Cages from tanks to somthing 2-story that looks like a ferret cage, to what we have now. (A large one story wire cage) If any other guinea pig owners have any suggestions please email me at Zoozoo1993@aol.com please remember that if you email me about anything uncomfortable that is not guinea pig cages, I will report you to the police. Thank you.

Sunday, January 06, 2002
Be sure to check out Pleasent Grove's new album, Auscultation of the heart. Available at good records.

My cats are amazing, not like they can do handstands but I love 'em to death!
One is gray and extreamly large, but you can't say that in front of him- I say it hurts his feelings.His name is Friendship (my sister named him) he is my favorite!! Luna is our other cat. Her name is spanish for "moon". She is sweet but sometimes scratches. One time she had six kittens, Ashley (my sister) had the choice to keep one guess what? She said no! I can not belive that! To bad I was to young to have and/or take care of one!

Sunday, September 16, 2001
Be sure to check out pleasant grove's new Album "pleasant grove".

mariah carey needs pink toilet paper in her hotel rooms.!!!

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