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Thursday, June 12, 2003
It isn't that Janet and Andrea are bad friends, sometimes just hard to work with. I know that they will be my friends forever, I just wish I had more things in common with them.

I do belive that when I made this site I called it a "music site." That is not entirely true as you may see when reading it.I tell about other things like my pets and friends.

In January I got some new guinea pigs. Ever since then we have been trying out different varieties of cages for them. Cages from tanks to somthing 2-story that looks like a ferret cage, to what we have now. (A large one story wire cage) If any other guinea pig owners have any suggestions please email me at Zoozoo1993@aol.com please remember that if you email me about anything uncomfortable that is not guinea pig cages, I will report you to the police. Thank you.

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